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Top Balayage hairstyles for dark hair

'Balayage' is a French term meaning hand painted. The beauty of Balayage is that it is super low maintenance, fully customisable, creates dimension, and super on trend!

Chocolate Brown, Hazelnut and Caramel tones.

The beauty of a brunette Balayage is that there are so many tones that will compliment one another. If you have a darker base shade, aiming towards a lighter brunette or caramel tones will be achievable, realistic and look fab! The beauty of going for shades that compliment one another is that it will be low maintenance, a soft grow out and give a natural sun kissed finish.

Red, Copper tones.

With a variety of shades of red - cherry, copper, auburn - you might be confused at first with what hue to try. A couple of tips when going for a red tone is that cooler skin tones match well darker reds whilst yellow undertone completions compliment a warmer shade of red. A colour safe shampoo is a absolute MUST when going for copper, red tones as it can be a high maintenance colour due to fade. A toning shampoo would be highly recommended to keep on top of the red hue at home. Our EVO Fabuloso Colour Boosting Treatment is an essential to keep on top of your copper, red tones at home!

Blonde Balayage

One thing to remember when thinking of going lighter with your hair is the darker your hair is and the lighter the end result is, the more work will need to go into it. 9 times out of 10 it can definitely be achieved, it will just take commitment at home to keep the integrity of your hair and more than one session in the Salon. Olaplex will be your go-to when lightening your hair - it works from within the hair strand, repairing any broken down bonds to keep the hair strong.

If you'd like to speak with us and see what hair magic we can do for you, click here to book your consultation.

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