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REPLACE back to back clients 

With methods that give you more FREEDOM and IMPACT your clients' lives on a deeper level. 

The Grey Blending Community has been specially designed for:

👩🏻‍💼 Salon owners


🚗 Mobile hairdressers 

👩‍🦳 Salon team members wanting to specialise

🪑 Chair renters and self-employed stylists

Grey hair blending education hairdressers

What you get

💻 Live Q&A monthly members call with Rosie Baylis

🎨  Access to step-by-step tutorials for grey blending for a middle ground AND going fully natural

💭 Support and guidance as to how to step into being an expert in grey blending and charging your worth

👩🏻‍💼 A community of likeminded hair professionals all stepping into the next chapter of their careers and thinking outside of the box

Why the Grey Blending Community is a gamechanger for hairdressers just like you:

😌 help clients on a deeper level than ever before  

😯 provide a life-changing solution for your clients 

❌ eliminate 'busy and quiet' times of the year and have consistent income 

PLUS catch up on the bonus 3-week challenge available on replay

Week 1- Mindset

Replace charging for your time and working back-to-back with clients to working with one client a day choosing the hours that suit YOU and step into the kind of hairdresser that charges £2000+ 

Week 2- Technical Skills

Learn all of the tools, training, and steps for both grey blending for a middle ground AND helping your client go all-natural 

Week 3- Business

Learn how to attract the perfect clientele and impact their lives on a deeper level, charge a premium for your expertise, and become the most successful grey blending expert in your area.

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