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3 self isolation haircare tips

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

1) Hair Masks & Olaplex.

It's impossible to know how long we will be on lockdown, and when our next haircut will be.

Therefore keeping your hair healthy from the inside out is crucial right now to help prevent split ends.

I'm using Olaplex once a week. It works by repairing any broken down bonds within the internal structure of the hair that get broken due to wear and tear and heat styling.

Olaplex NO.3 is a take home treatment that can be used once every 1-2 weeks depending on your hair and can be left a minimum of 10 minutes (we recommend leaving over night- you can never have enough!)

You can find it on our online store here and have it delivered to you in 2-3 days. Perfect!

Alongside Olaplex, EVO also offer two amazing hair masks that leave your hair with ultimate shine, hydration and helps to reduce frizz.

'The Great Hydrator' is perfect for hair that is in need of extra moisture. Hair that is coarse, curly and damaged tends to be dry and more prone to breakage.

'Mane Attention' is a protein treatment targeted at chemically damaged hair to help restore the strength and moisture of the hair.

Both of these are also available to be delivered to your door. Check them out here.

2) Invisibobbles

When we are at home having a lazy day or doing chores, we all tend to chuck our hair up off our faces and out of the way.

Invisibobbles work the same as an ordinary hair band but do not tangle or pull on the hair reducing the amount of breakage from hair bands and are super hygienic as they do not absorb dirt or bacteria.

3) EVO Shampoo and Conditioner

A high quality Shampoo and Conditioner are essential to keeping your hair the best it can be.

When you visit us at the Salon, we use the very best products and lighteners, and if you're spending a lot on achieving your dream hair, you don't want to be ruining it by stripping all of the colour out with Aussie or Pantene *shudders*.

Your products should always be free of Sulphates and Parabens, as these are chemicals that are often found in household cleaners (!). They strip the hairs natural oils, which in the long term can leave your hair very dry and brittle.

Our range in salon, EVO, offer a high quality range at affordable prices that are all Sulphate, Paraben and Gluten free as well as being completely cruelty free and vegan!

EVO's range has something to suit everyone, and can target you hair's weakest point wether it be volume, hydration, more protein ( for those with very chemically damaged hair ), smoothing or an all rounder daily Shampoo and Conditioner.

Check them out on our online shop here.

If you need help choosing which would be best for you, why not email us at for your Stylist's advice.


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