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Going Platinum Blonde

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

First up is putting in the prep work. Your hair will need to be in a good condition before any Stylist will consider taking you bright blonde. Therefore this means lots of deep conditioning treatments, regular trims and looking after your hair by staying away from heated appliances for a few months before taking the plunge. An Olaplex Standalone treatment may be suggested by your Stylist to repair your hair internally and to 'prep' your hair before colouring.

It is also worth considering the upkeep of having such blonde hair- your roots will appear faster (meaning more root touch up appointments) and the condition of your hair will be compromised.

This means that more time will need to be taken to look after your hair, as it will be fragile and very prone to breakage. Therefore it will be essential to invest in Salon hair care products (such as Toning Shampoo, Deep Conditioning Treatment and Olaplex #3) to take care of your hair in between Salon visits at home. You can find them on our online shop here.

Still interested? Book a consultation with one of our Colour Experts in our Tunbridge Wells salon to see if this is something we could achieve for you! Book online here.

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