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4 ways to stop Chlorine ruining your hard earned holiday hair

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

1) Soak your hair in fresh water before getting in the pool. Using one of the poolside showers will make your hair soak up this water, and not the chlorinated water 2) Apply loads of leave in conditioner to create a physical barrier between your hair and the damaging chemicals in the water. EVO's Happy Campers is perfect for this and is intensely hydrating.

3) Apply a leave in product after washing & towel drying your hair to help against UV rays. A pump or two of EVO's Day Of Grace will ensure your hair won't frazzle in the sun, and also protects against heat damage too if you need to dig out your straighteners to tame any frizz.

BONUS TIP: Shower, shower, and shower again! The more you rinse the chlorine out of your hair the better.

All of these gorgeous products are available in salon now or on our Online Shop to take away with you (in handy mini sizes too!)

Happy Holidays 😎

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