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I'm Rosie, a blonde and balayage expert specialising in low maintenance colour and styles.

I work slightly differently to most salons, working with just a few clients per month on a deeper level to make a significant change in their lives.


You can learn more about working with me and what's included below.

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If you're currently struggling with: 

- hair colour that you feel doesn't suit you anymore

- roots that come through within just a few weeks 

- thinning or lifeless hair due to medical or hormonal reasons

- lack of self confidence

And you would love:

- to receive compliment after compliment

- to have hair that make you feel gorgeous again

- have a colour and cut that suits you perfectly, that makes your skin glow and eyes sparkle 

- to have thicker, healthier hair that you knew exactly how to look after and maintain

Then a transformation could be for you.

I believe that one off appointments do not create enough of a change, and instead work with my clients for 3-6 months to give them a colour & cut that enhances their best features, blends in any greys to help them feel young and the best for their age, educating them on the best supplements and products they need that really work for them making their life easier and simpler. 

Client M finished her Transformation in December 2022, going from yellow, damaged hair to a bright, thicker and healthier blonde. Whilst she said it was an investment, she admitted that there would be no way she would have achieved the results that she did without my help. You can see her transformation here.

See Jessie's Transformation- Going Grey

See Jane's Transformation- from home bleach to natural lived in blonde

Miriam's Transformation- from broken and damaged, to healthy bright blonde 

Working with me starts from £3000 for three months, requiring a £1000 downpayment and payment plan thereafter that suits your needs.

I appreciate that I am not the cheapest at what I do, however I will guarantee the results- just see the before and afters above!

Apply for a consultation below to start your journey towards feeling gorgeous again. 

Rosie x


Book a consultation to discuss your hair and the transformation you would like to achieve.

01892 539132

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