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Smoothing Blow Dry

smoothing blow dry keratin defrizz aura

With many of our clients struggling with frizzy, hard to manage hair, we had to do something. 

What does it do?
Our vegan Aura treatment reduces frizz in the hair to increase manageability.

How does it work?

Most smoothing treatments on the market are protein. based- which can make the hair feel dry and brittle. Aura doesn't, and in fact contains hyaluronic acid which is super moisturising and makes the hair feel soft and shiny instead. 

Will my hair be poker straight?
There are two different options depending on your hair type and desires- one lasts 1-2 months and keeps the curl, and the other lots 4-6 months and significantly reduces the curl (depending on how curly the client's hair is in the first pace). A consultation will determine which option would be best for you. 

Will my hair be 100% frizz free?
It's important to note that you will not walk out of the shower with 100% frizz free hair (there are no such things as miracles!) and heated tools and hairdryers will still have to be used to achieve a sleek look, however the hair will be a lot easier and more manageable and easier to maintain.

How long will it last?
1-2 or 4-6 months, depending on which option is best for you.

Short hair- from £107- £267

Collarbone length (medium) hair- from £157- £317

Long hair- from £207- £367

Book in for a consultation with one of our stylists to see if this would be great for you and your hair type.

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