Following the announcement on 22nd February 2021, here's our system for booking appointments for when we reopen: 

Similarly to the first Lockdown, we're going to book all Clients a consultation first so we can have some dedicated time with you to talk about your hair, what you would like to achieve, and go through any ideas you may have. 

This will also be really great, as the services booked for your original appointment may be different from what you need now (anyone else have super long roots?!) 

This chat will be with our Salon Manager Millie, who will be able to recommend the perfect Stylist for you depending on your hair goals, budget and compatibility. 

You can book your Zoom consultation online here.


As always, we will ensure we are fully up to date with any new health and safety measures, so you feel as safe and comfortable as possible in the Salon. It's really important to us to keep everyone safe and well, and have our Clients confident that they are in one of the cleanest and hygienic industries. 


After all, hair salons have been proven to only contribute up to 0.05% of Covid transmissions! 

In the meantime, why not find some inspiration for your next appointment?

We have stacks of blogs available to look through for new cuts and colour ideas, tips and advice.


You can check them out here.

We can't wait to welcome you back to our five star Salon soon.

Rosie, Millie and Nadia x