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grey hair specialist

1:1 Video Calls

Would you like to receive all the answers you've been searching for?


I can help you.



Receive my 1:1 support to replace your stripe of roots with a blended, natural and flattering hair colour. 

The truth is, 'normal' salon appointments and scrolling on social media for answers will only get you so far...

To truly escape the cycle and easily go 3–5 months in between appointments, you need a tailored, specific plan that is as unique as you and your hair.

What you'll receive in the call:

Gemma Hornsby


Rosie's knowledge is next level, she is friendly and happy to help and helped provide me with a plan going forward to hopefully work with my current hairdresser.


Recommending products that could be used both on my hair and to supplement my gut and hair health. Would recommend Rosie for both local and remote help and support.  

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