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Why we are the Balayage Queens of Tunbridge Wells

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

So it's the hair trend that still seems fairly new, but has actually been around for ages.

'Balayage' literally means to sweep.

For hair, this is to hand apply colour on your hair, in sweeping motions.

It creates a beautifully natural sun kissed look, and can be as bright and full on or as natural and discreet as you like-and that's why it's so popular.

We've now gone on to specialise in this technique in the Salon, and is what we're known for in Tunbridge Wells.

That, and the five star rating we have earnt for our Salon!

Here's a little look at the look of different methods we do in the Salon, and real life Client photos to go with them.

Root Shadow

We've been using this phrase a lot recently! Ideal for blondes who want to keep their bright highlights, but want a easier growout. A toner applied at the basin to the first inch or so of the hair to add a 'shadow', helping to blend your natural colour in to the blonde, in a subtle and natural way.

Full Head Balayage

A freehand application of lightener to your hair, which can be close to the root or starting midway down the hair. As it is freehand and not wrapped in foil, we do not have the heat from the scalp to help lift the lightener, so this process can take longer, and will most probably need more than one appointment to achieve the desired colour. This freehand application achieves a subtle, natural result.

Balayage Refresh

Either a 'half head' worth of Balayage to top up grown out colour, or if you're feeling dark through the top, a scattering of Babylights (really fine foils) to help lift the root area whilst looking subtle.

Face Frame Balayage

Concentrating on the front of the hair around the face, we apply some very fine foils to your hairline, to achieve a natural looking affect. We can also add back to back foils at the front parting to add a thicker blonde piece, which is very on trend at the moment and can lift your complexion.

Root Smudge/ Colour Melt

A seamless root effect achieved by applying a Colour Gloss to the roots, 'smudged' typically in to a lighter colour through the mid lengths and ends of the hair. This is a good idea for any grown out highlighted blondes who would like to dip their toe in to Balayage.

If you like these looks and would like to know more about how this can be achieved with your hair, please feel free to book in a Consultation, where you can have 15 minutes with a Stylist to go through ideas, see what's achievable, and carry out the necessary skin test. You can learn more here.

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