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Rosie's Favourites

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

1) Happy Campers

So, you may have seen on or previous blog posts or our Instagram that we love 'Happy Campers'. This is my go-to on each and every Client and also my own hair!

It is a super lightweight formula, perfect for every hair type, that moisturizes, softens, adds style support plus reduces blow dry time. It is a product that suits all year round as it hydrates during the cold winter months and has UV protection for those sunnier months!

2) Olaplex

With 90% of our Clients using Olaplex we can not recommend it enough!

Olaplex works from the inside of the hair, repairing the internal structure of the hair and protecting against heat and chemical damage. You can upgrade any in Salon service with Olaplex by adding it to your colouring service, having a mini treatment or a standalone treatment.

Ask your Stylist for more info!

3) Easy Tiger

'Easy tiger' is a smoothing balm that helps to smooth the hairs cuticle whilst helping to detangle, condition, improve styling and control frizz.

We love to use this before creating a smooth and sleek look as it adds amazing shine, helps tame frizz and reduces styling time without leaving your hair feeling weighed down from product.

4) Macgyver

With using mousse, you either love it or you hate it but EVO's Macgyver is here to change the game!

'Macgyver' is a multi-use mousse that can be used with or without heat to add volume, shape, memory for lasting hold and create touchable texture. Unlike alot of mousse's 'Macgyver' can be easily brushed out and leaves little to no residue in the hair.

5) Liquid Rollers

This is my favorite product to use when creating a bouncy blow dry!

'Liquid Rollers' is a leave in styling balm that can be used on natural curls to enhance and hold curls but can

also be used to create volume and give the 'rollers' effect when trying to achieve a bouncy blow dry look.

TOP TIP- Liquid Rollers can be mixed with Easy Tiger to give hold and smooth if you have trouble fighting frizz!

All Products are available in Salon ranging from £10-£30, Ask your stylist for more information and advice on your next visit.

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