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Post Partum Hair Loss: the down low.

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

So you're pregnant.

Or you've had a baby.

There's a bit which isn't commonly known, or shouted about, or mentioned in any of the baby apps or books.

Having been through it myself, I know exactly what happens.

Hair loss.

It's a bummer, but it's common and happens to every one of us.

When we're pregnant, our hair growth cycle (growing > stopping > falling out > new hair coming through) stops.

This may be because the baby is sucking up all of our nutrients instead- who knows! Who cares, as this part gives us the thickest, most luxurious hair.

We're swinging our L'oreal ad worthy locks around and loving every minute of it.

Then the baby arrives. Everythings hunky dory (kinda!) and we're loving (ish) life.

Then we notice big clumps of hair in the plug hole or in our brush.

And the whisps of hair around our hairline, which we can't work out whether it's breakage or new hair.

It's new hair- the hair growth cycle has kicked in again post partum, and all of the hair our body has held on to during pregnancy is falling out, and going back to 'normal'.

It's important to say that every woman is different.

Some do not notice the shedding at all, and some really notice the difference.

What to take as comfort from this is that it is totally normal, and there are ways to combat and disguise thinning hair.

A trim will not only be a welcome treat pamper wise, but will also snip away wispy ends, achieving thicker hair.

Adapting the haircut to suit your 'new' hair (perhaps a blunt cut in the short term to thicken up the ends rather than adding lots of layers which could do the opposite) will do the trick.

Either way, at Rosie Baylis Hair, we know how to help, and will make you feel like yourself again!

I hope this has been some comfort (and not too terrifying if you're preggaz!) if you have been through or going through it and are not sure what on earth is going on.

Just a reminder again that like everything this is temporary.


Rosie and the RBH Team

P.S- if you're ready for that pamper, or just need some TLC, click here to book your next experience at our five star Salon online. Promise you'll love it!

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