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How to keep your locks 'Salon Fresh' in between appointments

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Everyone loves to leave the Salon feeling glam, but keeping your hair feeling fab between appointments can be more challenging. We'll always recommend the best products for your hair, that might be a little more pricey than the supermarket. However, with higher quality ingredients with scientifically proven results behind them, it's a no brainer!


In the Salon, after a bleaching service we will 99% of the time do a Toner. This will neutralize any unwanted tones within the hair and polish off your colour. If you are someone who struggles with brassiness in your hair, whether it be because you're in a stage of a hair transformation or you like having ashy hair, a Toner would be highly recommended between appointments. It takes 5 minutes, adds shine and banishes unwanted tones - sounds good to me! Book online here.


Again, we're here raving about Olaplex. It really is one of the best products we have seen yet!

Unlike other treatments, Olaplex works from the inside out rebuilding the hairs structure to improve the strength of the hair. To put it simply, the healthier and stronger your internal structure of the hair is, the better it is going to look, feel, take to colour, hold style etc. You can order your very own bottle to use at home here, or if your hair needs a bigger hit of health, try our Standalone Treatment for the maximum results.


Most of our Blondie's know how fab EVO's Fabuloso Platinum Shampoo and Treatment is.

It is super pigmented and works to help keep yellow tones at bay.

Since using the Shampoo religiously in the Salon, we hunted down their mask and fell in love with that too! If you have slightly drier hair, the Treatment would suit your hair better as it has more of a conditioning formula with the same intense pigment.

If you have darker blonde/ caramel or light brown hair that turns brassy, EVO's Fabuloso Caramel Treatment works on the same basis. Perfect!


From chemical services, heat, hair ties, brushing and a whole bunch more, our hair will get weaker and fragile. Inevitably, the very ends of our hair will get drier and snap. To help grow your hair, maintain your length or just keep your hair as healthy as you can, regular trims will ensure these dry ends are cut off before the split travels up the hair stand and creates breakage further up the hair. Even the minimum amount of half an inch off every 8-10wks will make a huge difference in your hair growth journey.

You can book your next cut here.

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