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Do you have a sensitive/flaky scalp? Then keep reading

Due to the changing in seasons, weather, stress and a whole load of factors, just like our skin, our hair and scalp can become dry, sensitive and flaky too! We've recently done a whole load of team EVO training and are here to give our top products, tips and tricks for you to try.

One of the main reasons scalps become flaky is due to dryness. With going into the winter months and it becoming colder, it is super important to make sure your hair and scalp is just as nourished as your skin.

'The Therapist' Conditioner is a super lightweight conditioner suitable for ALL hair types. Made up of 85% moisture, 15% protein, means it gives your hair the strength it needs whilst giving major hydration to the hair and scalp.

'Normal Persons' is the go - to Shampoo enriched with menthol and calming qualities to cleanse your scalp of build up, oils, dirt and soothe sensitive scalps. When trying to soothe and heal your scalp it is so so important to make sure you are using high quality ingredients. Unlike a lot of drugstore Shampoos, EVO is completely sulphate and paraben free as well as vegan and gluten free!

*Top Tip* - Always, always shampoo your scalp twice! The first cleanse will remove any build up and the second cleanse will cleanse and soothe your scalp.

Lastly, it is key to ensure you are giving your hair hydration and protecting it from environmental factors.

'Day of Grace' is a leave - in conditioning spray, but it is so much more than that! Day of Grace primes your hair for any heat use and styling with full heat protection up to 230 degrees, a porosity balancer and nourishes. Using a few spritz will nourish your hair whilst evening our porosity meaning your style will last longer, be more manageable, healthier and stronger!

If you'd like to speak to us about your hair for more personalised advice, please arrange your consultation here.

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