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Common mistakes we all make with our hair

The healthier your hair the better it will hold on to colour, style and look good!

By avoiding these common mistakes you'll be one step closer to healthy, manageable locks.

1) Towel Turbans

There's nothing worse than having sopping wet hair dripping everywhere when we wash our hair, however one of the most common mistakes people make is wrapping their hair in a towel or a hair turban. By doing this, the fibers from the towels rub and cause friction on our hair which causes frizz which makes our hair harder to manage. Instead, try patting your hair with a towel to take out the damp.

2) Over washing

The natural thing to do when our hair becomes oily is to wash it. By washing our hair too often we actually cause our sebaceous glands to go into over drive to replace the natural oils that are being stripped from our hair. Ideally we should be washing our hair every other day minimum. The longer you can go between washing your hair the better!

However, we know it can be a struggle to push your hair an extra day and if you find your hair becomes heavy and oily quickly it can be due to the products being used. Some products can be too heavy and not suitable for all hair types. An amazing shampoo we'd recommend would be EVO's 'Normal Persons' as it is super lightweight, strips all build up, dirt and excess oils from the scalp whilst keeping the ends nourished.

3) Heat use

Using heat on your hair is one of the most common reasons why our hair becomes dry, brittle and prone to breakage. When using direct heat on the hair, it strips all the moisture out of the hair strand leading it to become dry. The drier your hair becomes, the more prone to breakage and frizz causing it to become unmanageable. We all love using a styling tool on our hair which is why it is super important that we use heat protection and the right products for our hair.

One of our bestseller in the Salon is EVO's 'Icon Welder'. Not only does this protect your hair from direct heat use, but it holds your style for 5x longer than the average heat defense, fighting humidity, frizz and heat damage.

Whilst making sure your hair is protected from the heat, you also need to ensure you are replacing the moisture being lost. EVO's 'Happy Campers' is an intensely hydrating leave in conditioning treatment that can be spritz all over the hair to replace lost moisture, protect against UV damage and aid detangling.

If you'd like to speak with us about your hair and for more personalised advice, you can arrange your consultation here.


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