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How to protect your hair this Winter

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

1. It’s not just your skincare that needs to change each season- it is essential to invest in a good quality moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner this Winter to protect your hair from the elements, too. EVO have an amazing range, ranging from £17 - £25 to suit every hair type. Click here to find which one would be best for you.

2. Wearing scarves and wrapping up warm can also play havoc with our hair. Why? Friction caused from all of the fibres from wooly hats and clothing can damage the hair shaft, resulting in split, dry hair. Try to use an Invisibobble (£4.95 for 3) when wearing your hair up, as they cause minimal damage and tearing.

3. Our colour fades more in the Winter. When we colour our hair at the Salon, we spend a lot of money to make it look good, only to ruin it with the wrong products at home. Ensure you are using products that protect your Colour, and not strip them. If it is a bright or vivid colour, try a spray leave in conditioner rather than a creamy one, as a creamy based Conditioner will pull the colour out of your hair. Try EVO's 'Happy Campers' a leave - in conditioning treatment that detangles, conditions and adds moisture to your hair.

4. If you are finding your hair is super tangley and unmanageable, try booking in a for a trim. Once the dry and split ends are cut off, hair is SO much more manageable! We swear by Tangle Teezers, £10.99.

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