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3 ways back to healthy hair

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

As the Summer months come to an end, our hair may be in need of some extra TLC due to all the fun that comes in the sun! Here are some of our favourite products and ways of keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy.

1) 'Ritual Salvation' Shampoo and Conditioner.

These shampoo and conditioners are the perfect duo for hair that needs some TLC. This work as a duo to help restore moisture, intensely hydrate, smooth the hair, improve manageability and help to reduce further breakage. They are highly recommended for hair that is weak, brittle and damaged.

Shampoo available here.

Conditioner available here.

2) Colour Glosses

Colour pigment in the hair can fade due to a variety of different factors such as the sun, chlorine, sea water,and non colour safe shampoo and conditioners. Our colour glosses are perfect way to top up your colour, add shine, repair the hair by up to 33% and last for 6-8 weeks!

Colour glosses work best on brunettes and coppers, whereas Toners are best for blondes to refresh your colour and add shine.

Find out more about these services here.

4) Deep Conditioning Treatments

Hair can become very dry and dull looking during the Summer, as the sun can strip the hair's

moisture. We have two deep conditioning treatments to suit different hair types.

'The Great Hydrator' is an intensely hydrating moisture mask to soften, hydrate, reduce frizz and add amazing shine in just 5 minutes! This is perfect for hair that is dry, tangly and lacks shine.

'Mane Attention' is a protein based mask that strengthens, repairs and reconstructs whilst adding softness, shine, reducing frizz and helping to detangle. We recommend this for brittle, damaged chemically treated hair.

As you may have seen, we now offer a 'Premium Ladies Cut and Blow dry' which includes two shampoo's followed by one of the hair masks above for 5 minutes, with a Cut and Blow dry for £57 - just £8 extra!

Masks are also available as a take home ranging from £19 - £21.

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