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Struggling with thinning hair?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Everyone wants to have luscious locks that are full of health and thickness, but for some this may be harder to achieve than others. If you notice your hair is not as full looking as it once was, don't panic! Hormonal changes are a key factor to hair loss or change as Androgen's can shorten the hairs growth cycle which can then cause the strands to become finer. Still, don't worry just yet! We have some products we highly recommend to give you those luscious locks that you crave.

Firstly, everyone needs a good Shampoo and Conditioner that works with there hair type. The EVO 'Bride of Gluttony' is perfect for fine hair that needs a bit of body and movement. It is a lightweight duo and instantly helps to detangle. If your hair is more in the need of some extra TLC the EVO 'Mane Attention' Shampoo and Conditioner duo reconstructs and restores your hairs natural elasticity, reducing the hairs breakage.


We all love a product that not only makes your hair feel good, but also look good. We highly recommend the magic in a bottle, Olaplex! Olaplex is a treatment that works from the inside out restoring the broken bonds inside the hairs cortex, making your hair stronger, healthier and much more less prone to breakage. Olaplex comes in in-Salon treatments and a take home bottle.

Invisibobble hair bands are the ultimate go to hairband as they have a smooth surface so they do not pull or tangle your hair, wet or dry. Unlike regular hairbands, Invisibobbles do not cause any damage or breakage to the hair.

All products and treatments are available in Salon.

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