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Our top tips on how to keep your hair healthy this Summer

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Trying to keep your hair healthy in the sun is a problem we all face. The sun causes our hair to dry out and become prone to breakage and discolouration. We have some tips for you to try to avoid this!

1. Keep in the shade

Th same way we protect our skin, we need to protect our hair! Try to avoid too much direct sunlight onto your hair, a scarf or a hat will keep your hair protected from the suns UVA and UBV rays that damage the cuticle leaving the hair discolored, dry, frizzy and broken. UV protection sprays and Shampoo and Conditioners will help to keep the hairs moisture and protect. You may find a lot of every day use products contain UV protecting quality's, we know our EVO range does!

2. Lock in moisture.

To much exposure to the sun and sea water can pull moisture from your hair leaving it dry and more prone to damage. A nourishing shampoo and conditioner, hydrating hair masks and hair oils can all help to avoid this. We think the best products for hydrating and noursishing the hair is EVO's ' The Therapist ' range. Within the range there are Shampoo, Conditioner and a hair mask that is hhighly raved about here in the Salon! All products are completely free

3. Avoid shampoo everyday.

Although you are hotter during the summer and getting chlorine and sea water in your hair a lot more, shampooing your hair everyday will only make it worse. When shampooing to often, you are stripping your hair of its natural oils. However, if your holiday hair does get greasy quickly you could try a dry shampoo as it soaks up excess oils without stripping your hair of natural oils! TIGI's Oh! Beehive is perfect and smells delicious.

4. Sun protection.

If wearing a sun hat is not for you, then try a leave in conditioner with SPF. Not only will it hydrate and add moisture to your hair from the conditioner, but the SPF will also protect your hair more against direct sunlight as it will create a barrier. You can also try a natural oil for sun protection like coconut oil as it creates a barrier on your hair, so chlorine and the sun can not be absorbed into the hair as much.

5. Take a break from heat styling.


From sun damage your hair will already be very dry and more prone to damage. Using heat on your hair will cause your hair to have more breakage and split ends which are not fixable, and you will have to take the chop! In holiday sun just rock your natural look-you might even like it!

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