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Different types of Blondes, and how to achieve them

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

We've all been there: seeing gorgeous blonde hair in a magazine, Pinterest or on a Celebrity. But what do you ask for when visiting the Salon?

Just as a heads up, your Stylist will advise you whether these looks are achieveable or not for your hair, and whether you could tweak it to make it the best version for you.

Dirty Blonde

Multi-tonal highlights are key for an easy, low maintenance blonde.

The more different tones you have in your hair, the less apparent the regrowth will look. This equals longer visits in between hair appointments, and a more natural Blonde.

You can choose to go for honeys, caramels, biscuity, toffee tones for a warmer blonde, or ask for beige, white, clean, milky blondes for a more bright tone.

Grey/ Silver Hair

Hard to achieve, but once you're there, you're there.

This *rarely* can be achieved in one appointment, so be prepared for multiple visits, as doing this slowly but surely will keep the integrity of your hair.

Olaplex is a MUST when going this blonde, as a strong lightener will have to be used to achieve this look. This will help prevent the internal chemical bonds of your hair from breaking whilst lifting, so your hair does not snap off.

Using a strong purple shampoo at home once to twice a week will keep the silver tone in your hair. EVO's Fabuloso Platinum Blonde shampoo is FANTASTIC, and is available in Salon to take home for or on our online store here.


Less is definitely more in 2020.

Ask for a more subtle, caramel Balayage with face framing colour.

Colour will be hand painted on to your hair in long strokes, and in a natural way, as if you have spent a Summer in the sun. As it is applied freehand and away from the roots, this is a low maintenence look with no roots. If your hair is already dark, this is an option for you.

If there is existing hair colour build up on the ends of your hair, this will take possibly more than one hair appointment to achieve, depending on how light you would like to go. A lightener would also have to be used, so Olaplex would be heavily recommended to protect your hair from disintergrating. A toner may also be applied at the basin to conteract any warm tones in the hair, to achieve a good end result.

If your hair has no colour on it, at all, (this doesn't count if you haven't coloured your hair for years, as there will still be colour lying underneath there somewhere!) then this look will be easier to achieve.

Book in to meet one our colour expert Stylists in our Tunbridge Wells Salon for a complimentary consultation, to discuss the best blonde for you. You can book online ​here.

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