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Over 40 and noticing a change in your hair? Here's why...

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

The hair and beauty habits we have during our 20's and 30's are fairly simple... we just have to do the basics. Our bodies are more resilient duing that stage in our lives- however as we approach our 40's and 50's, our bodies begin to change.

Our skin changes colour, and becomes a little more sallow. This is due to hormonal changes in our bodies, such as the Menopause. Darker hair colours will appear a little more stark and unforgiving on older skin. This may mean tweaking our hair colour slightly to flatter our new skin tone, which could be as simple as just adding a few different tones through our hair, or going a little lighter.

As the years go by, we also lose the pigment in our hair. When there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle, that strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will appear a little more transparent, a grey/silver/white tone. Whilst there is no cure for going grey, there are different options out there for us depending on how we feel.

If we hate the appearence of grey hair, and wanted every single hair gone, we could try a Permenant Colour. This will cover 100% of grey hair, whilst leaving it super shiny and healthy. If the ends of our hair have faded and need freshening up, we can also 'Colour Balance' with a Colour Gloss, using the same colour but without the ammonia.

If the greys kind of bother us, and we want a natural look with most of them gone, we can opt for just the Colour Gloss, as mentioned above. This will give more of a transluscent look (on just the grey strands), with 70% coverage.

If the regrowth is just getting too much, we could also try adding a few different tones to our hair. Doing this will achive a softer line of regrowth, rather than the stark line of just a regrowth Tint. It will also make our hair appear more natural, as just by looking at a Child's unspoilt hair colour, we can see that no one's hair naturally is one flat colour.

Want to know more on what would look best for you? Book in with one of our expert Stylists to have a one on one consultation here.

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