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5 things people with perfect hair always do

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

1) They avoid too much heat

It's not only hairdryers and hair tools that can damage your hair- but hot water too! When shampooing try to focus just on the roots (where it needs to be cleansed) and try to leave the ends out to avoid drying them out.

2) They let their hair dry naturally

Staying away from heated appliances can really make the world of difference to your hair. If you have no choice, always make sure you use a good Heat Protector Spray and a Leave In product to protect your hair as much as possible. As your Stylist in Salon for the best ones to suit you.

3) They never skip conditioner

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, you must always use conditioner, even if your hair gets greasy. You've just got to use the right one! Finer hair types will need one for 'Volume', or even a spray Leave In conditioner, to stop it from weighing their hair down. Similarly, Clients who colour their hair will need a 'Colour Protect' conditioner or a Leave In conditioner to stop hair colour from fading and being stripped out of the hair. Hair types susceptible to frizz will need something heavier that will tame the hair. Ask at your next appointment what will be right for you.

4) They have a good hair diet

A diet rich in iron and protein will vastly improve the quality and strength of your hair- think lots of leafy green vegetables and meats & eggs. Omega 3 can also be very helpful- either try a vitamin for oily fish once a week.

5) They see their Hairdresser regularly

Small, frequent trims will thicken up your hair very quickly when trying to grow or thicken up your hair, rather than a trim once every 6-12 months. Split ends will travel up the hair strand, making the eds of your hair look finer and wispier, and resulting in more hair being cut off in the long run. So long, dry ends!

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