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5 things you should avoid if you have thinning hair

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

1) Spending lots of £££ on quick growth products The hair growth cycle is different for each person and can take from 6-12 weeks for a new hair to grow, and the old hair to fall out. This means it will take that long to see any changes in your hair. 2) The Wet Look If your hair needs hold & volume, use a tiny bit of mousse on damp hair and blow dry in. Stay away from gels,strong hold hairsprays and from spraying products too close to your scalp as this will make it look wetter- always spray at an arms length 3) Tying your hair too tight Pulling your hair back too tightly in to a style puts pressure on your hair, resulting in hair loss around your hairline. It will also make your hair look thinner, as if it's scraped close to your head, you won't have much volume. Trying using an Invisibobble, which doesn't have the metal join (which can snap your hair) 4) Hiding from the Hairdresser!

Many people feel embarrassed about hair loss- however not to fear, as we have buckets of knowledge and ideas to help. A strong haircut or colour change can completely transform your hair, and give the appearance of much fuller hair.

5) Sleeping on a rough pillow We all toss and turn in our sleep, and as we do, we are causing our hair to be rubbed and irritated by the fabric. Try a silk pillowcase to reduce breakage.

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