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Hair colour mistakes that can make you look older

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Over the years we lose the pigment in our hair, which makes it soft and healthy. This leaves us with coarse, grey hair- arhh!

So what can we do?

1) Multi Tonal Colour

Flat, one dimensional hair will make you FEEL flat too. By breaking up your hair with a few different tones, we can blend in your white hairs, resulting in a gorgeous natural look with an easy regrowth. As you get older, your skin tone changes too, so going slightly lighter may be more flattering.

2) Tone your hair

If you are liking the natural highlights coming through, why not keep them? Grey

hair however has an undertone of warmth, so can appear brassy and yellow. Keep it looking fresh and clean with a good purple Shampoo- we love Fabuloso Platinum Shampoo available in Salon.

3) Fine, natural highlights

Chunky highlights can look very dated- and make your regrowth horrendous too! Here at Rosie Baylis Hair, we like to do lots of fine highlights, resulting in a more natural colour with a multi tonal finish. This will help blend in your greys, as well as help your regrowth too.

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