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How to prevent frizz this Summer

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

It's the start of a fresh new week, and we've all got that Monday morning feeling. Whether that's dragging yourself out of bed, or that get-up-and-go feeling (if so, go you!) I have no doubt you're going away at some point this Summer, and even if your staying in the UK, with our random weather we have no doubt it will be humid and sticky again soon. So we thought we'd share our top tips for fighting humidity. It sucks, and can make our hair do weird and wacky things that we really don't want it to do! So here are our 3 top tips: 1) It's all about prep.

If you don't put any products in your hair and expect miracles to happen, they probably won't!

Try a leave in serum or primer in damp towel dried hair before drying as this'll be when it works its magic for you and do it's job. We love using the EVO 'Happy Campers' which is a leave in treatment to prep all hair types as it is a lightweight spray with conditoning factors, fights frizz and preps the hair for any heat.

**Top Tip**

To intensify 'Happy Campers', you can spray directly into your hands and then apply to mid-lengths and ends 2) You NEED a humidity spray.

After spending a lot of time preening your hair into the perfect sleek style you need to shield it. EVO have an amazing range of hairsprays to suit all hair needs, ranging from:

'Helmut' - An extra strong laquer, perfect for those who need that extra bit of control and hold. (Available full sized or mini in Salon)

'Builder's Paradise' - More of a lightweight, water soluble flexible spray that can be used during or after styling that has buildable hold. (Available full sized or mini in Salon)

'Miss Malleable' - A flexible spray for those who prefer a very light mist once styled to finish off there look whilst adding hold.

ALL hairsprays help to fight humidity plus reactivate with heat to restyle!

3) Pray to the hair gods that today, this will be a good hair day Amen!

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