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I feel like I've been doing a massive disservice to my clients. 

How would it feel if you loved your hair, and enjoyed washing and styling it whilst knowing it was perfectly tailored to you?


To feel confident in your appearance and feel your absolute best everyday.

What would that be worth to you?

Instead of working on an appointment by appointment basis, I now work with my clients for between 3-6 months on a transformational level to make a fundamental difference to their lives.


This includes all of the services, products and supplements we need to achieve their dream hair.


These transformations start at £2500, which can be paid upfront or in installments over the time we work together.

If you've tried everywhere and everything else and you're still not happy with your hair- it's time to go to an expert. 

Start the ball rolling today by booking your transformation consultation - just £25 and redeemable against products in salon.

I can't wait to meet you and help you with your goals! 

Rosie x

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My Story

My main goal is to help woman boost their confidence. 

Through years of working with woman who have just had a baby and need help feeling themselves again, or have gone through a big life change and would like something fresh to feel renewed and confident- the best thing I can do is this:

Sit down with my client and really listen to them.


Distinguish the main problem with their hair, what they've tried so far to fix that problem, and ask their permission to share their expert advice on what I would do if I were them. 

Whether they're struggling with a cut or colour that they aren't enjoying, having a problem with their greys and finding a way to blend them- or perhaps their hair that has been through a lot of stress and needs a lot of TLC to restore it. 

I am able to look a client and know immediately what would look amazing on them, and how to achieve it.


If someone could do that for you- would you like to know?


Get in touch today to speak with me about your goals and achieving the hair of your dreams. I can't wait to meet you!

01892 539132