Dream Hair Transformations Tunbridge Wells


I'm Rosie, a blonde and balayage specialising in Dream Hair Transformations. 

I work slightly differently to most hairstylists, working with just 2-3 clients per month on a deeper level to solve the key problems with their hair and make a significant change in their lives. You can learn more about the Transformations and what's included in them below.

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My Story

I personally suffered from significant hair loss in my early twenties after the birth of my first child. This left me feeling anxious during an already stressful time, and confused as to why this was happening. 

I can empathise with clients who have had similar experiences to me, and have helped hundreds of woman over the last eleven years define the real problem with the their hair (not just the symptom) and how to solve it. Alongside this, I have also created techniques and solutions for grey blending and blonde refinement to create beautiful low maintenance colour for my clients.

Inspired by helping people on a deeper level, I am now exclusively working with just a few clients per month with my Dream Hair Transformation program.  After an in-depth consultation to establish the root cause of their hair problems, I use my unique methodology of a tailored hair plan (including products), supplements and services to work as a team with my client achieve a real, long lasting result for them. This creates not just a beautiful result with their hair, but positively affects many areas of their lives through boosted self esteem and confidence.

This in-depth work requires an investment between £3000- 5000, which can be paid upfront or in six monthly instalments. Everything is included in the fee to achieve the end result desired. I appreciate I am not the cheapest at what I do, however I do gain results for my clients who are ready to make a fundamental difference to their lives and take the next step towards building their self esteem and enjoy their hair and how it can make them feel.

If you've exhausted every option and are ready to go to an expert who listens and is able to finally solve the issues with your hair, book a Transformation Consultation with me below. 

I can't wait to meet you and discuss your personal transformation.

Best wishes, 

Rosie x


Book a consultation to meet me in person and discuss your Dream Hair Transformation. 

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