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Frequently Asked Questions

"Are you in Tunbridge Wells?"

Yes! We are an independent hair salon in Tunbridge Wells and you can find us on Camden Road, near the Royal Victoria Shopping Centre. If you'd like to know more about us, click here.

"What is Balayage?"

Balayage means 'to sweep'- in hair terms, this means to handpaint colour on to the hair. However, there are many ways to achieve a Balayage look. Check out our dedicated blog post on it here.

"Can I turn my Highlights in to Balayage"

Yes, of course! Our Colour Experts will have lots of suggestions on how you can achieve a Balayage look on your hair. If you want to stay super blonde but have a softer root, it may be a case of applying a Root Shadow at the basin, or if you want a total natural looking Balayage, we can do that too. Find out about the different types of Balayage here.

"My hair always lifts warm/red/ orange/ brassy"

Here's a little bit of science for you. Hair will always lift warm, as our hair has underlying tones of red, orange and yellow (depending on how dark your natural colour is). We use the best premium lighteners with in built toners to help control this warmth when we lift your hair, plus the expert knowledge on how to counteract these warmer tones once lifted. We can also advise you on the correct take home aftercare products to maintain your colour at home. 

"My hair is really dry and damaged. Is there anything you can do to help?"

It's hard when our hair is brittle and dry- it's hard to work with, and usually choices are limited. We would first recommend to prepare your hair and make it strong. You can do this by using Olaplex on your hair. It's a bond multiplier that works on the chemical structure of the hair, repairing it from the inside out. We offer the strongest Olaplex Treatment in Salon, and offer the take home products too. You can find out more about it here.

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