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Escaping the cycle of roots

If you're currently having your highlights every 6-8 weeks, and would love to have a more low maintenance colour that still feels bright, but without the frequent salon visits- a lived in blonde could be perfect for you.


For this particular client, we transformed her solid warm blonde to a natural, lived in blonde in just a few months. Her hair is noticeably thicker from her personalised supplement plan, and hair healthier from her comitted use of her haircare plan and products. True proof of the results that you can achieve if you are committed to the process.

Most importantly, she says her confidence has vastly improved, that she can go in to work and present infant of a hall full of teenagers knowing she looks and feels good, and can deliver. Receiving multiple compliments from her colleagues on her Christmas do, without them conferring. This can be you too in as little as 3 months time!

Apply for a consultation with me here.

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